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Dec 8, 2013 8:45am EST
on the battlefield. but these things are coming down the road. on energy, of course, with the breakthrough in hydraulic temporarying and in horizontal drilling, you take a place like north dakota which went from 800 million barrels of reserve in 2002 to over 24 billion today and rising. north dakota has such a high employment rate, wages have gone up 50% in the last eight years. and mcdonald's now pays a bonus if you will sign up to work. now, that actually should be the conservative answer to income inequality. we would like everybody to rise up. we're not in the business of tearing down. but we should be in the business of helping every person rise up. and north dakota's a pretty good case study. and if the federal government were actually encouraging it, we would be astonished how many additional jobs you'd be creating right now. we will, we are this year the largest gas producer in the world, by 2015 we'll be the largest oil producer in the world. that's an enormous shift of power away from russia and the middle east, and it increases our national security but also creates hundreds of
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1